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Floating Waterproof Phone & Camera Pouch - Pulau Outfitters

Floating Waterproof Phone & Camera Pouch


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  • Size: 11 x 22 cm (Fits most smartphones and small cameras)
  • Submersible up to 10 meters (IPX8 Tested)
  • Extra easy and fast double clip closure system
  • Floats!
  • Full touchscreen control
  • Waterproof, sandproof, and dustproof
  • 2 Year Warranty (terms & conditions apply, see here)

Worry less with Our's Universal Floating Waterproof Phone & Camera Pouch.

Perfect for protecting your phone during outdoor activities, whether you're kayaking, stand-up paddling, fishing, boating, or just lounging around the pool.

This pouch features an extra easy and fast double clip closure system with a built in float! It still provides the same water, sand, and dust proofing while giving you full touchscreen control. Answer your phone and take pictures with peace of mind.

Properly using and caring for your pouch:

  1. Make sure seal bar is properly placed and clasps secured and sealed.
  2. Perform a bubble test before use. Submerge the pouch underwater with nothing but air inside, then squeeze and see if any bubbles rise to the water's surface. Don't worry, bubbles that come from air trapped around the flap are fine.
  3. After use, make sure to shake any water off the flap before opening.
  4. Reseal and rinse your pouch with fresh water after each use.
  5. Try to refrain from use in extreme temperatures (anything over 40 C or under -5 C)
  6. If possible, insert a silica gel packet inside your pouch when not in use. This will absorb any condensation in humid conditions.

Disclaimer: PT SUP Bali is not liable for any loss or damage to items stored in our cases.

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