Why Choose a Rotomolded Kayak?

 So, you’re searching for a kayak for sale but are overwhelmed by the choices available. Worry no more, here's some information to find the right kayak for you.

The first decision is between rigid and inflatable kayaks. You can read why Inflatable Kayaks are so great here, but if you’ve decided to opt for a hardshell kayak then you’ll be choosing between rotomolded, fiberglass, or wooden construction. There are also transparent kayaks made of polycarbonate, but these won't be discussed here.

Rotomolded kayaks offer various benefits to its users, including being more durable and costing less. What are Rotomolded Kayaks and why should you choose them?

Pulau Outfitters Standard Double Kayak Indonesia


Rotomolded kayaks are produced using the process of rotational molding. A mold is filled with polyethylene pellets and placed in an oven. The heat melts the pellets into a liquid state. The mold is rotated during the heating process, forced the liquid polyethylene outwards to coat the interior mold surface evenly. The mold continues being rotated until it has cooled down, then the contents of the mold are removed and edges are finished to create a nice, smooth finished product.

Rotomolded construction is perfect for kayaks because it produced a hallow product, reducing weight and materials required in construction. The mold itself is the most important part, as this defines how the kayak will be shaped. Our factory uses over 10 different models to produce our various kayak models.

Fiberglass kayaks also use a mold, which is laminated with fiberglass and allowed to cure. Since the mold must be removed, the 2 pieces of the kayak must be joined together after they have cured. The finished product is lightweight and stiff, considered the best performance wise for racing kayaks.

Most wooden kayaks are beautiful pieces of art, handcrafted by a talented woodworker. You get what you pay for, such kayaks tend to be very expensive. They also damage and age significantly quicker than a rotomolded kayak, requiring more regular upkeep.

Durability & Repairs

One of the best reasons to choose a rotomolded kayak. With extremely high impact resistant, rotomolded kayaks can bounce off rocks with little if any negative effect. They also feature chemical and UV resistance. You won’t find many kayak suppliers offering a warranty like ours.

Whether your renting kayaks to beginners or whitewater kayaking, rotomolded models are your go-to choice.

Fiberglass kayaks can crack, scratch, and break much easier. This mean repairs are constantly required, each time degrading the look and performance of the kayak.

Unless you’re going to be extra careful, wooden kayaks are not for you. Wood breaks and scratches easily. The expensive purchase price of a wooden kayak is just a precursor to more expensive repairs.


You can spend a lot of money on a kayak. As mentioned, wooden kayaks are works of art. The price of a kayak constructed with fiberglass will increase as quality goes up. So better fiberglass, or the use of high-end laminating cloth such as aramid or carbon fiber, will cause significant price increases. With both wooden and fiberglass kayaks, repair and maintenance expenses should also be taken into account since they both require a lot.

Rotomolded kayaks are definitely the most affordable, not just upfront purchase cost but the savings over its lifespan since they require minimal maintenance (read our Rotomolded Kayak Maintenance & Care recommendations here).


Unless you're an expert-level kayaker looking to complete extremely long distance trips or participating in competitive events, rotomolded kayaks offer a great balance of affordability, versatility, and longevity. Resorts, beach clubs, and kayak rentals throughout Indonesia have relied on our rotomolded kayaks for years.