Why Choose Pulau Outfitters Waterproof Dry Bags & Waterproof Backpacks?

Pulau Outfitters specializes in active water sports and has one of Indonesia's top water sports websites. We love the water so we know how important a good waterproof gear bag is. Keeping your electronics and valuables dry on rainy days, carrying your wet clothes home after a day of kayaking or paddle boarding Bali, or separating your dirty laundry from clean when traveling, there are countless uses for a watertight bag. Our team has dedicated years to researching and developing top quality dry bag and dry bag backpack products that are affordable, effective, and durable.

If you're searching for custom dry bags, look no further. Our graphics and printing team have worked with hundreds of customers to provide customized dry bags to suit the needs of resorts, hotels, sport brands, watersports teams, and more. Read more about our custom dry bag order process here.

Waterproof Backpack | Pulau Outfitters Indonesia

Construction Details

  • Ultra-tough 500 Denier (0.05 mm) PVC Tarpaulin material. This high tear strength material gives our drybag extreme toughness to prevent the formation of small holes that allow water in. This material is still flexible for a comfortable carry and easy seal, the perfect balance between pliability and durability! Fully waterproof, stain resistant, UV-protective, anti-static, anti-bacterial, mildew resistant, flame resistant, and performance in extreme temperatures.
  • Thermowelded construction. Instead of stitching, our waterproof dry bags are constructed using the process of thermowelding, where heat is used to melt and bond materials together. This makes a stronger, tighter, more durable, and more waterproof seal that gives our bags such a long lifespan.
  • Fold over seal mechanism. Simply fold the opening over itself 3 times to create an easy, perfect waterproof seal. The PVC tarpaulin will grab itself thanks to natural friction, making a completely airtight seal. No air in? No water!! All you need to do is make sure your fold is tight and firm, and the bag isn't too full to fold over sufficiently. Expel the air inside your dry bag to compact it, or leave it in and your bag will float.
  • IPX6 Waterproof Specification - Protects against heavy water projection. Floats safely when dropped in water, but not designed for underwater or prolonged use in water.
  • Resilience - Anti-static, anti-bacterial, stain resistant, UV protected, & flame resistant. 
  • 2-year Warranty - Industry-leading quality gives us confidence in our products. Please review the terms & conditions here.

Sling Dry Bags

  • Fashionably Functional - The included adjustable & removable shoulder strap means you can choose many ways to wear and carry, with 3 separate D-ring attachment points.

Dry Bag Backpacks

  • Ergonomic, Padded Shoulder Straps - Carry in comfort with these adjustable, ultra-comfortable backpack strap with removable chest strap for added weight distribution. Your back will thank you after a long day!
  • Separate Internal Storage Pocket - Keeping your gear organized just got a whole lot easier with this zippered internal storage pocket. Perfect for your keys, phone, wallet, or anything else you want to keep separated.

How to Seal your Dry Bag Properly:

Tip: Expel the air by squeezing the bag before folding, or keep some air in to promote floating!

  1. Fold tightly over the black band 3-4 times (do not roll over). 
  2. Connect clip at the top of the bag to securely fasten.