Maintenance & Care - Inflatable SUPs & Kayaks

All our Inflatable SUPs & Kayaks are built to last and feature industry-leading construction using heavy density dropstitch fabric (learn more here). That's why we're happy to offer a one-year warranty on them!

Still, proper care and maintenance will ensure your Inflatables will last for years to come.

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Store it Smart - Sun, saltwater, rain, and wind are all not friends of your equipment. While your iSUP is made to be used in these conditions, it is not made to be stored in them. This goes for all the included equipment: paddle, leash, pump, etc. Our Inflatables all all constructed with protection from weathering, but leaving your iSUP/iYak exposed to the elements all day will significantly decrease its lifespan. Indonesia's harsh sun will heat up the materials, causing it to expand, weaken the glue, and lead to damaged seams and, eventually, to leaks.

  • Rinse with fresh water after use, dry before storing away.
  • Store in a cool, dry environment. Ideally indoors, but definitely in a covered area.
  • Never store your board or kayak in direct sunlight. Resort operators and resorts should not leave inflatables in the sun all day. Keep covered with a tarp or in a shady area.
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Pump it Up - The included high-pressure pump makes it easy to know when your iSUP or iYak is fully inflated: Green means Good. You should always have your board at or above 15 PSI prior to use. If your Inflatables are stored properly, keeping them inflated is not a problem at all, but releasing small amounts of pressure during long term storage is advised.

Keeping your iSUPs & iYaks properly inflated is obviously important for buoyancy and float. It is also important for structural integrity and will help keep your board protected if you experience an impact situation. POeriodically check the pressure with the pump gauge and increase as needed.

Keep it Clean - Always rinse your Inflatable with fresh water after use. Just a simple inse will keep mildew and bacteria from growing on your iSUP/iYak. Plus, saltwater is corrosive. If you don't rinse it off, your Inflatable will slowly begin deteriorating. Make sure to target all the fittings (D-rings, etc.), fins, and deck pad. Don't forget to rinse your leash and paddle too! If you have a SUP-Kayak Combo or iYak, the seat should be cleaned and dried as well.

The occasional deeper clean will keep your Inflatables looking pristine, but never use heavy-duty cleaning products like acetone. Water, simple dish soap, and a soft brush will easily have your board looking like new.

Carry it Carefully - This should be obvious, but it is important to remember.

Even though they are super durable, iSUPs and iYaks can and well get damaged if not treated with the respect they deserve. Luckily, our Inflatables are so light that they are super easy to carry

  • Avoid dragging them over gravel, rocks, debris, or even sand.
  • Don't drop them because serious drops can lead to cracks and leaks.
  • Don't strap them too tight as this can cause bulges and lead to popping as well.

Fins have Feelings - They take care of you, so return the favor. All our Inflatables have 2 small fixed side fins and 1 removable center fin. Make sure to mount and dismount your iSUP/iYak in sufficiently deep water to keep your fins from hitting the bottom. You can easily unscrew and remove your center fin for use in shallow water, during transport, or when stored. Yes, we can repair and replace your board's fin and fin box, but if you're careful then there won't be a need!

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