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Pulau Outfitters Indonesia - Inflatable SUP for sale

With over a decade of experience paddle boarding Bali and countless Indonesian beaches, we're confident we can set you up with the right water sports equipment. 

All our paddle boards are covered by a 1-Year Warranty, whether you choose our classic SUP set or one of our innovative SUP kayak combo sets! Every SUPset comes complete with what you need: iSUP with soft SUP deck pad, SUP paddle, surfboard leash, high-pressure pump, repair kit, and backpack!

Compared to a traditional fiberglass paddleboard, iSUPs are lighter, more portable, and more durable. We're talking military grade inflatable, not inflatable pool toys!

If you travel and SUP Indonesia, then you have certainly seen issues with a SUP board bag being too big or heavy for airplane travel. This drove us to experiment with various models and construction methods, and now it has been over 3 years we have offered inflatable SUP for sale. We truly believe these are the best boards for Indonesia. Click here to learn why!

Take it from experts in island water sports, water board sports are some of the fastest growing sports worldwide. Resorts, liveaboards, beach clubs, villas for rent, and surfboard rental operators all benefit from offering the best to their customers. Our iSUPs can handle anything and we have the right stand up paddle board for any activity you choose:

  • Extreme water sports - surfing or whitewater rafting (paddling through rapids on SUP)
  • Distance paddling
  • SUP yoga
  • Flat-water paddleboarding
  • Mangrove tours