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Snorkel Safe Float

Snorkel Safe Float


Stay safe, stay seen.

  • 70 cm diameter x 40 cm length
  • Hydrodynamic design causes minimal resistance while swimming or snorkeling.
  • Great for adults and kids alike! Perfect for those uncomfortable in the open water and those that want to take a break.
  • High visibility float makes sure you'll easily be seen and found by boats or friends.
  • Non-intrusive band attaches around waist and carried in the current behind you.
  • Adaptable for use as freediving/spearfishing float.

Our Snorkel Safe Floats eliminates the likelihood of accidents in the water. Staying seen is a huge part of this, whether it's not getting lost from your group or partner, or ensuring boats in the area can see you. The float's high visibility orange ensures you'll be seen from a distance.

As a safety device, less experienced swimmers often feel uncomfortable in the open water and desire something they can hold onto if they are tired. Experienced swimmers will certainly be thankful for something to grab hold of when those craps inevitably kick in on long swims.

The float's hydrodynamic design and non-intrusive waist band mean you'll hardly notice you're even wearing this float while snorkeling or swimming.

Freedivers can easily adapt these floats for use by attaching a lead rope for depth dives.

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