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Ding Repair Kits & Suppliers from Phix Doctor

"In a perfect world, our boards never get dings..."

Unfortunately, that's not this world! That's why Pulau Outfitters has partnered up with Phix Doctor to bring their industry-leading, innovative, and unique board maintenance products to Indonesia.

Their mission statement says it all: "to create the most cost effective, and environmentally responsible ding repair and board maintenance solutions using the highest performance resins and materials to get you back in the water fast, no matter where you happen to be..."

Phix Doctor was founded in Hawaii in 1983. Their continual innovation over the years makes them a top pick for board manufacturer's worldwide. They have reduced their carbon footprint to 1/23rd of their competitors by choosing eco-friendly raw materials and packaging, while still producing the best quality, cost-effective products on the market!!