Bali Bandanas

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Fashionably Functional Style Accessories

  • Tubular construction offers versatile styles
  • 100% seamless, polyester microfiber technology
  • Breathable, quick-drying, & high UVA/UVB protection
  • Unisex, one size fits most: 50 x 25 cm
  • Ultra lightweight - only 40 grams!!

A must-have for anyone who loves outdoor adventures or water sports, Bali Bandanas are specifically designed for the harsh Indonesian climate. Designed to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, these sport bandanas offer high UVA/UVB sun protection. Plus, there stylish designs make them a great fit for around town, whether you're enjoying the Bali nightlife or staying warm at the airport.

Tubular construction using 100% seamless microfiber technology creates a lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, and versatile style accessory that can be worn in over 12 various styles to suit your fashion: classic headband to balaclava to motorbike mask.

We have dozens of designs to choose from so you accessorize for that next Sunday session at Single Fin Uluwatu, breathe easy cruising Canggu on your bike, or protect yourself from a long day camping, fishing, kayaking, hiking, cycling, or stand up paddle Bali.