Why Paracord Is So Useful

Why Paracord Is So Useful

You've probably been hearing a lot about paracord lately and wondering, "what's the big deal?"

For starters, it really isn't anything new. Paracord was originally developed by the US military to be used as suspension lines on parachutes during World War II. Over time, it has become synonymous with survival and widely applied in various rigging and rentention applications around the world.

Paracord provides strength and versatility, packed into a lightweight and affordable cordage. There are 6 different types of paracord, though the most popular is Type III: 550 paracord with a minimum breaking strength of 250 kilograms (we only use military-grade, 550 paracord in our Island Survival collection).

Its ingenious construction features an outer casing that holds 7-9 threads of nylon (see photo above), each of which is composed of 2-3 threads. That means that 30 centimeters of paracord when pulled apart offers 2.4 meters of cordage!!

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You're probably still wondering why survival experts say paracord is the #1 survival tool? Here's a few of its limitless uses:

  • Emergency tourniquet, or make an arm sling.
  • Lash down equipment, tarp, or tent.
  • Suspend line for drying clothes, hanging a lantern, or keeping food off the ground.
  • Tow rope for car, ATV, etc.
  • Thread for sewing, fishing, stitching wounds.
  • Compress loose packs or bags to save space.
  • Safety line for working at heights, or rappelling from them!

Pull it apart, and you open up a whole new level of uses:

  • Sew clothes or torn tent
  • Stitch wounds
  • Fishing line
  • Weave into a net for fishing or suspending gear/food off the ground

Be prepared for any situation by packing along some paracord. Better yet, stay stylish and safe with Island Survival products from Pulau Outfitters.

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