How to Choose the Right Surfboard or SUP Leash

How to Choose the Right Surfboard or SUP Leash

With so many leash options available today, it can be hard selecting the right one. It doesn't matter whether your on a shortboard, longboard, or SUP, Pairing the right length, thickness, and style for your activity makes sure you'll have fun and finish your session safely and smiling.

There are 4 primary components of a surfboard leash that should all be taken into account when making your decision:

  • Cord - This is the largest part of a leash, available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. General rules: thicker and/or longer = more drag but safer. Typically, you want to make sure your leash is at least as long as your board. If not, you're board will be more susceptible to snapping or hitting you during wipeouts or caught-inside situations. Beginners or big wave surfers want longer leashes to keep their boards further away. Thickness is primarily determined by wave size: skinnier leashes for small waves, thicker for big waves.
  • Cuff - Attaches leash to the body, whether it's ankle, calf, or wrist. Primarily look for comfort and strength of attachment. Secondly, ease of opening in case you get in trouble, particularly for bigger waves.
    • Swivel(s) - Keeps leash from tangling or tripping you up, choose between single or double swivels. Rust and longevity are other factors to consider, which is why all our leashes are produced with dual stainless steel swivels.
    • Rail Saver + Leash String - Attaches leash to board. You want a strong leash string that is long enough for the leash to attach, but allows the rail saver to pull over the rail when strained. This helps protect your board's tail/rail from damage. It's a balance between thickness, length, and drag: bigger means safer, but also more drag.

    We have developed our leash range over the years to incorporate top quality production and materials while maintaining extremely affordable prices. All our leashes feature dual stainless steel swivels, precision molded fittings, deluxe padded ankle cuffs, triple-wrap rail savers, and maximum strength polyurethane cords. From 1 foot Kuta beachbreaks to triple overhead Outside Corner Uluwatu, we have you covered.

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