Featured Product - 14'6" Inflatable SUP

Featured Product - 14'6

Newly designed for 2018, our 14'6" x 34" x 6" Inflatable SUP is not only perfect for 2-person paddling but for individuals as well.

Our R&D team incorporated the best design elements of our first generation 2-Person iSUPs to create a streamlined design that offers superior stability, 260-kilogram capacity, excellent tracking, and faster planing speed.

A regular epoxy SUP this size would be difficult to transport and store, but ours is light, portable, and durable. Weighing less than 16 kilograms, it inflates and packs away easily with the included pump and backpack.

Couples and small families can enjoy a day paddling together with plenty of room to spare. Individual paddlers can easily generate and maintain higher speeds, ideal for long distances and open water paddling.

Fisherman can load up their gear with no worries thanks to D-rings strategically placed in the nose area that are perfect for our SUP-specific Fishing Basket.

Better yet? Get the functionality of a 2-Person kayak by upgrading it to a Combo Set, which includes 12 additional D-Rings that allow you to attach 2 adjustable seats or tie-down even more gear for ultimate versatility!

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