Best Fishing Kayak Indonesia

Best Fishing Kayak Indonesia

If you love kayak fishing, we have something you'll want to see!!

We released our newest Single Person Kayak model earlier this year, and are so excited as positive feedback continued to pour in from kayak fisherman, hobby paddlers, and resorts from all over Indonesia.

Our goal was to combine comfort & functionality in a compact package: small enough to transport & launch alone, but spacious enough to pack in everything you need for a full day's adventure on the water.

We started with an updated, low profile outline and a balanced hull design that features strategically placed self-bailing scupper plugs. We then added our ProComfort Seat, 4 Rod Holders, a large rear storage area (can be used as live tank!), 2 twist storage hatches, and side bungee areas for additional latchdowns.

This kayak is ready to launch as soon as you receive it, but also easily customizable with a range of add-ons. Go ahead and mount your fishfinder, outriggers, or electric motor!

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