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How to Choose the Right Surfboard or SUP Leash

How to Choose the Right Surfboard or SUP Leash

With so many leash options available today, it can be hard selecting the right one. It doesn't matter whether your on a shortboard, longboard, or SUP, Pairing the right length, thickness, and style for your activity makes sure you'll have fun and finish your session safely and smiling.

There are 4 primary components of a surfboard leash that should all be taken into account when making your decision:

  • Cord - This is the largest part of a leash, available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. General rules: thicker and/or longer = more drag but safer. Typically, you want to make sure your leash is at least as long as your board. If not, you're board will be more susceptible to snapping or hitting you during wipeouts or caught-inside situations. Beginners or big wave surfers want longer leashes to keep their boards further away. Thickness is primarily determined by wave size: skinnier leashes for small waves, thicker for big waves.
  • Cuff - Attaches leash to the body, whether it's ankle, calf, or wrist. Primarily look for comfort and strength of attachment. Secondly, ease of opening in case you get in trouble, particularly for bigger waves.
    • Swivel(s) - Keeps leash from tangling or tripping you up, choose between single or double swivels. Rust and longevity are other factors to consider, which is why all our leashes are produced with dual stainless steel swivels.
    • Rail Saver + Leash String - Attaches leash to board. You want a strong leash string that is long enough for the leash to attach, but allows the rail saver to pull over the rail when strained. This helps protect your board's tail/rail from damage. It's a balance between thickness, length, and drag: bigger means safer, but also more drag.

    We have developed our leash range over the years to incorporate top quality production and materials while maintaining extremely affordable prices. All our leashes feature dual stainless steel swivels, precision molded fittings, deluxe padded ankle cuffs, triple-wrap rail savers, and maximum strength polyurethane cords. From 1 foot Kuta beachbreaks to triple overhead Outside Corner Uluwatu, we have you covered.

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    Featured Product - 14'6

    Featured Product - 14'6" Inflatable SUP

    Newly designed for 2018, our 14'6" x 34" x 6" Inflatable SUP is not only perfect for 2-person paddling but for individuals as well.

    Our R&D team incorporated the best design elements of our first generation 2-Person iSUPs to create a streamlined design that offers superior stability, 260-kilogram capacity, excellent tracking, and faster planing speed.

    A regular epoxy SUP this size would be difficult to transport and store, but ours is light, portable, and durable. Weighing less than 16 kilograms, it inflates and packs away easily with the included pump and backpack.

    Couples and small families can enjoy a day paddling together with plenty of room to spare. Individual paddlers can easily generate and maintain higher speeds, ideal for long distances and open water paddling.

    Fisherman can load up their gear with no worries thanks to D-rings strategically placed in the nose area that are perfect for our SUP-specific Fishing Basket.

    Better yet? Get the functionality of a 2-Person kayak by upgrading it to a Combo Set, which includes 12 additional D-Rings that allow you to attach 2 adjustable seats or tie-down even more gear for ultimate versatility!

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    Shopping Made Simple

    Shopping Made Simple

    We're constantly trying to make our customer's experience with us better and better. Our latest step towards this goal is our redesigned website that makes shopping with us easier than ever. Watch this short video for a quick demo on the new features!

    Built-in Wholesale Portal

    • Easy 3-Step Setup gives access to wholesale pricing for all our products directly on our site so you can browse and buy with ease.
    • Click here to register today!

    Easy & Fast Navigation

    • New main menu bar allows you to quickly find products you're looking for, or simply click the Headers to browse entire Product roups.
    • 'Refine your Search' menu within Product Collections makes narrowing your search simple.
    • Quick View lets you preview products faster.

    Detailed Product Information

    • Concise information on Product pages helps you make informed purchases. Make sure you get exactly what you want, plus know how to use and take care of them!
    • Quality photographs with integrated zoom for clear product viewing.
    • Dedicated pages for Custom Printed Products, Warranties, and Maintenance & Care instructions.

    Please sign up for our Mailing List to stay on top of upcoming developments, promotions, & events. 

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    Maintenance & Care for your Inflatable SUPs & Kayaks

    Maintenance & Care for your Inflatable SUPs & Kayaks

    Built to last, all our Inflatable SUPs & Kayaks feature industry-leading, drop-stitched, double-layer PVC construction. That's why we're happy to offer a one-year warranty on them! Still, proper care and maintenance will ensure your inflatables will last for years to come.

    Store it Smart - Sun, saltwater, rain, and wind are all not friends of your equipment. While your iSUP is made to be used in these condtiions, it is not made to be stored in them. This goes for all the included equipment: paddle, leash, pump, etc. Our inflatables are all constructed with protection from weathering, but leaving your  iSUP/iYak exposed to the elements all day will significantly decrease its lifespan. Indonesia's harsh sun will heat up the material, causing it to expand, weaken the glue, and lead to damaged seams and, eventually, to leaks. 

    • Rinse with fresh water after use, dry before storing away.
    • Store in a cool, dry environment. Ideally indoors, but definitely in a covered area.
    • Never store your board in direct sunlight. Resort operators and resorts should not leave inflatables in the sun all day. Keep covered with a tarp or in a shady area.

    Pump it Up - The included high-pressure pump makes it easy to know when your iSUP or iYak is fully inflated: Green means Good. You should always have your board at or above 15 PSI prior ot use. If your Inflatables are stored properly, keeping them inflated is not a problem at all.

    Keeping your iSUPs & iYaks properly inflated is obviously important for buoyancy and float. It is also important for structural integrity and will help keep your board protected if you experience an impact situation. Periodically check the pressure with pump gauge and increase as needed.

    Keep it Clean - Always rinse your board with fresh water after use. Just a simple rinse will keep mildew and bacteria from growing on your iSUP. Plus, saltwater is corrosive. If you don't rinse it off, your board will slowly began deteriorating. Make sue to target all fittings (D-rings, etc.) fins, and deck pad. Don't forget to rinse your leash and paddle too! If you have a SUP-Kayak Combo, the seat should be cleaned and dried as well.

    The occasional deeper clean will keep your iSUP looking pristine, but never use heavy-duty cleaning products like acetone. Water, simple dish soap, and a soft brush will easily have your board looking like new.

    Carry it Carefully - This should be obvious, but it is important to remember! Even though they are super durable, iSUPs and iYaks can and will get damaged if not treated with the respect they deserve. Luckily, our Inflatables are so light that they are super easy to carry.


    • Avoid dragging them over gravel, rocks, debris, or even sand.
    • Don't drop them because serious drops can lead to cracks and leaks.
    • Don't strap them too tight as this can cause bulges and lead to popping as well. 

    Fins have Feelings - They take care of you, so return the favor. Our Inflatables have 2 small fixed side fins and 1 removable center fin. Make sure to mount and dismount your iSUP in sufficiently deep water to keep your fins from hitting the bottom. You can easily unscrew and remove your center fin for use in shallow water, or whenever you are storing your board. Yes, we can repair and replace your board's fin and fin box, but if you're careful then there won't be a need!

    Check out this short instructional video for a bit more information on setting up your iSUP Combo:


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    Indonesia Fishing Tackle Exhibition 2017

    Indonesia Fishing Tackle Exhibition 2017

     Indonesia Fishing Tackle Exhibition 2017Get excited Indonesian anglers!! The 5th annual Indonesia Fishing Tackle Exhibition will run from 23rd to 26th November at Epiwalk, the center of amusement and lifestyle in Kuningan, Jakarta. Created specifically for Indonesia’s fast growing sports fishing industry, IFTE 2017 will bring the best of the fishing industry under one roof.

    Attendees will see the best the fishing world has to offer, plus enjoy talk shows, games such as casting competitions, eating contests, raffle prizes, and more! Of course, everyone will be able to take home some amazing products for the various exhibitors including major international brands like Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, Berkley, and Jigging Master alongside local fishing companies and charter groups.

    The Pulau Outfitters Team will be offering amazing discounts on many products including Kayaks, SUPs, Waterproof Dry Bags & Backpacks, Bali Bandanas, Waterproof Phone Pouches, Eyewear Retainers, and more!! Come see us at Booth B4, map here!

    Semangatlah para Angler di Indonesia !!  Indonesia Fishing Tackle Exhibition yang ke 5 akan berlangsung dari tanggal 23 sampai 26 November di Epiwalk, pusat hiburan dan gaya hidup di Kuningan, Jakarta. Diadakan khusus untuk mempercepat perkembangan industri perikanan di Indonesia, IFTE 2017 akan membawa industri perikanan terbaik dalam satu atap.
    Peserta akan mendapat tawaran yang terbaik di dunia, ditambah menikmati talk show, permainan seperti casting competition, eating contest, undian undian, dan banyak lagi! Tentu saja, semua peserta pameran bisa menemui beberapa produk menakjubkan dari peserta pameran  seperti Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, Berkley, dan Jigging Master di samping perusahaan perikanan lokal dan berbagai piagam.
    Tim Pulau Outfitters akan menawarkan diskon yang menakjubkan untuk banyak produk termasuk Kayaks, SUPs, Waterproof Dry Bags & Ransel, Bandana Bali, Kantung Handphone Waterproof, Eyewear Retainers, dan banyak lagi !! Datanglah temukan kami di Booth B4, peta di sini!
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    How to Choose the Right SUP - Inflatable vs. Hard Boards

    How to Choose the Right SUP - Inflatable vs. Hard Boards

    Pulau Outfitters Epoxy SUP exploration

    Stand-up paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. Like any sport, it takes patience and practice, and of course, the right gear.

    Whether you are a beginner, resort, rental operator, or seasoned pro, selecting the right equipment can make or break your stand-up paddling experience. To start, you want to make sure and choose the right board.

    What's the Difference?

    Hard boards

    Constructed of various types of material in a fashion similar to surfboards. Our Epoxy SUPs combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design and high quality materials. The core is a stringerless, 22 kg/m3 density EPS foam blank. The lamination process uses 2 layers of 6-ounce fiberglass on the bottom, 3 layers of 6-ounce fiberglass on the deck, and biaxial carbon wrapped rails to create parabolic carbon stringers.

    Inflatable boards (iSUP)

    Constructed using drop-stitched, double layer PVC in a similar fashion to Inflatable Resue Boats (IRBs) such as Zodiacs. Our line of Inflatable SUPs use top-quality, industry-standard construction.

    What's to Consider?

    1. How will you use your SUP?
    Travel with your Pulau Outfitters SUP

    This is the #1 factor when choosing the right stand-up paddleboard for you.

    Hard (epoxy) boards are hands-down the best choice for surfing. You will find that serious, long distance paddlers will also typically opt for epoxy boards custom-built for optimal speed and performance.

    Inflatable stand-up paddleboards are essentially better for everything else, particularly for beginning paddlers.

    2. Durability

    Though somewhat counter-intuitive, iSUPs are significantly more durable. Drop them, crash them, bounce them off rocks or other SUPs. You can stress way less with inflatable boards when an epoxy SUP would be getting repair after repair.

    3. Safety

    Modern iSUPs feature construction that makes them highly rigid, feeling quite similar to an epoxy SUP at first sight. Still, there is a certain amount of give in any inflatable, which makes falling a lot less painful!

    4. Storage & Transport


    Due to the volume required for balance and stability, SUPs are big. This is glaringly obvious with epoxy boards. They are difficult to transport, almost impossible to take on a plane, and expensive to ship. They also require a sizable area for storage.

    Inflatable SUPs are a different story. They quickly deflate and pack away so you can take them with you wherever you're heading or tuck them away in the closet when not in use.

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